How to Edit Grid Collage

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How to Edit Grid Collage? Start making your collages with photo grid photo collages and use our best edit feature to create your masterpieces.

Are you also confused with which of those stunning phots you should post on you socials, well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we are bringing you the best feature to upload all of them in one. With “photo grid- photo collage” you can do it very easily. Our new an advanced features allows you to create grid photo collage of all those pictures and convert it into one masterpiece. Are you ready to use this revolutionizing feature and take your creativity to another level . If so then check out features given below.

We have the best editing options available to make the most amazing collages for you. With “photo grid- photo collage” we create the perfection. Follow these easy steps given below:

To edit your collage we have got the best options for you. Start making your collages with “photo grid- photo collage” and use our best edit feature to create your masterpieces.

Follow these easy features to start editing your collages.

Step 1: Open “photo grid- photo collage” on your pc or laptop.

  • This will open the home screen of “photo grid- photo collage” for you.
  • Click on the “collage” option which is the first option from your left to create your favourite collage.
How to Edit Grid Collage

Step 2: Now select your desired pictures from your device.

How to Choose a Grid style, How to start to make a collage photo

Step 3:

  • Click on the “fill” option to resize the images you have selected.
  •  Choose any colour to put that on your border.
  •  Click on the “pattern” option to select any pattern from the given list and apply it to the collage border.
How to Choose a Grid style

Step 4:

  •  To adjust your collage border click on the adjust option.
  • Now drag the cursor along the bar to increase the border size.
  • just below that you can also increase the “corner radius”, by dragging the cursor along the bar.
  • Select the “flip/rotate” option to rotate or slip our selected picture.
  • Now click on the flip option on the bottom of your screen to flip the picture.
  • Click on the rotate option to rotate the selected picture.

Step 5:

  • Click on the “edit” option on the right of your screen.
  • To add “effects” click on the effects option and select your desired one from the given list.
  •  To add text click on the “add text” option and choose your favourite font from the given list by clicking on it
Step 6:
  •  You can also add “overlay effect” to your collage by clicking on the “overlay effect” option and selecting your desired one to apply to your collage.
  • You can add more images by clicking on the “add image” option and selecting your desired option from your device.
  •  To add any “shapes” to your collage, click on the shape option and select on the desired one.
  • Click on the “mask” option to add some special mask effects to your collage.
  • You can also add shape mask from the “shape mask option” to your collage.
  • We have the most creative brushes to add magic to your collages from the “brush” option.