How To Make Free Style Collage?

Using this feature will help you create free collages very easily. Follow the given steps to access the feature by yourself. There are a lot of editing options available for your collage in our “free collage” app to make the perfect collage possible. 

Collage making can be a troublesome task, but our app, Photo Art Collage Maker – Pic Editor, brings you the best of the best features to make it possible. Now you can easily create collages with your favorite pictures and make your college trip more memorable by making your cousins jealous by posting these fascinating collages on your socials; sounds fun, right? Well, our brand-new features allow you to do so very easily. With our easy-to-use and free college-making options, you will be glad to choose us. Simply follow the steps given with each feature and do it yourself. Good luck with your collages.

Step 1: Make a free collage.

  • Open Photo Art Collage Maker – Pic Editor on your device.
  • Click on the Free Collage option on the app’s home screen.

Step 2: Select pictures to make a free collage.

  • You can select your desired pictures quickly from your device and start making your collages yourself.
  • Tap anywhere on the editing screen to add a photo.
  • Click on the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen to click any picture.
  • Click on the photos option to select different images from your device for your collage.

Step 3: Edit using this ink feature to write anything, anywhere on your collage as you wish to. This is an exciting yet easy-to-use feature; follow the given steps.

  • Click on the Ink option to write anywhere on your collage.
  • Click on the Text option to add text anywhere on your collage.

Step 4: Make a free collage background.

  • The background is significant for a collage, yet we have got you the best options. Using our background option, you can easily add any desired background to your picture. Follow these simple steps given below to do so by yourself.
  • Click on the background option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now select any background from the given choices to add to your collage.
  • Click on the Color option to choose a color and the Pattern option to select any pattern.
  • You can also change the border of the background by using the border option to change it.

Step 5: Make a free collage sticker feature. 

  • Stickers are a creative and fun choice for any art of work; with our stickers option, you can easily add stickers to your collage. Follow these easy steps given below to ass stickers quickly to your collage.
  • Click on the Stickers option to put stickers anywhere on your collage.
  • Resize or delete the sticker with the given options on its adjacent side.

Step 6: Change the border color.

  • Click on the image and choose the background option from the tools.
  • Choose the background and if you want to apply a border on all images, click on Apply To All box.

Step 7: Click the Save button to save your free-style collage in your gallery.

  • You can also share this collage direct to social media accounts.
  • Share and make more fantastic collage photos.