Learn Standard Photo Sizes: The Best Guide for Beginners

This blog will work as a guide for beginners to understand the concept and details of the most appropriate sizes for the photos they will be using. We will discuss the standard photo sizes to help you get the correct size every time.

We all know that nothing is better than having a Guide to Standard Photo Sizes if you are new to photography or photo editing. Any beginner needs an excellent guide to understand the concept of photo size. Knowing the correct size requirements for the pictures you use for your social media, blogs, articles, magazines, ads, banners, etc.

Lets Learn Standard Photo Sizes

In this blog, we are going to cover the following areas:  

  • What is an Aspect Ratio?  
  • The Common Photo Sizes for Social Media Platforms  
  • The Common Photo Sizes for Web  
  • Common Photo Sizes for Print Media  
  • How to Edit Photo Sizes Online for Free?  

So, let’s begin.  

What is an Aspect Ratio?  

Before moving forward with the standard photo sizes, and learning the correct aspect ratio and sizes of photos, let us introduce ourselves to the Aspect Ratio. It represents the size of an image.   

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the proportional relation of the width and height of an image or object. It is defined in terms of w:h, where w and h are for the width and the height. Let’s understand with an example. If you have an aspect ratio of 1:1, that means the width and height of the image are the same, hence a square; if you have an expected ratio of 2:3, it means the image is a rectangle. The 1:1 aspect ratio is the most common image size. Usually, on social media platforms, the image used as a Display picture is in a 1:1 aspect ratio with the size of 1080*1080px. The 2:3 aspect ratio is used for photography and printing. 

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The Common Photo Sizes for Social Media Platforms  

What image size works for all social media? A question that makes us crazy every time we want to post something. It makes it easier to take photos when you know how much photo area of the image captured will be visible when you upload the same on your social media accounts. To have the knowledge of the best photo size for social media.

Display Image photo sizes for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer a square shape standard 1:1 ratio image. As discussed above, the most accepted size for social media platforms is 1080*1080px. If the size of your photo exceeds this limit, these social media apps will automatically compress the image.   

Instagram Post photo size  

On Instagram, you can post images in landscape(horizontally) and portrait(vertically). For landscape posts, the image size should be 1080*566px, with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1, whereas for vertical images, the size should be 1080*1350px with a 4:5 aspect ratio.  

Stories photo size for Instagram and Facebook

As stories on Instagram and Facebook are in portrait (vertical frame), it is best to take shoot vertically. The aspect ratio of the story photo is 9:16 with the recommended pixels of 1080*1920px 

Facebook cover photo image size 

The Facebook cover image is a rectangle with an optimal size of 820*312px. However, the visibility of the same is different on desktop computers and smartphones. The same cover photos display at 820*312px on desktop computers but 640*360px on smartphones.  
To make your cover photo look good and adequately visible, we recommend you use an image size of 820*360px 

Twitter Post photo size  

For Twitter, you can choose from more than photos at a time. If you are posting a single image, select a size from 1200*675px. However, if you want to post two pictures, choose a photo size of 700*800px. It will give your photos more visibility. 

Twitter Cover Image photo size 

The Twitter Cover Image is in a horizontal frame. You should use an image with an aspect ratio of 1:3, with a size of 500*1500px 

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The Common Photo Sizes for Web  

Before making an online presence, creating a blog, or creating images for different web services, it is important to know the correct photo size to be used. Using the wrong photo may result in bad-quality content. Here are some commonly used photo sizes along the web:  

  • 1920*1080px: This photo size has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is used in photography, television, social media covers, etc.  
  • 280*720px: This site is also in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is the standard HD format that is used in photography and filming.  
  • 1080*1080px: It is the standard 1:1 image size, which is widely used on social media platforms.  

Apart from these three photo sizes, two other options are great for the web.  

  • Full-Width Photo Size: Some photos may require a full screen to display perfectly, such as the main website or banner image.   
    To ensure full-width image visibility on all devices, one should use the aspect ratio of 16:9 aspect ratio with an image size of 1500px (min) to 2560px (max). Also, it is better to take a larger photo than usual to prevent crucial photo content from cropping out by browsers.  
  • Blog Post Photo Size:  
    Generating blogs is easier compared to finding the right image to be added to the same. Also, adding images make the blog attractive and more informative. One should use an image size related to the content area of the blog post. Suppose you have a blog content area of 800px width, then you should use images less than 800px wide to add to your blog. Exceeding the size may lead to automatic resizing, which lessens the quality of the photo. 

The Common Photo Sizes for Print Media 

The print media still hold an essential place in the market. The upsurge in electronic media has made it easier for designers to create and get copies of their work. However, there is still a large market that deals with printing creatives. Here are some basic printing photo sizes to help you get the right size for your photo. 

  • Passport Printing: The most appropriate passport photo size is 2*2 inches 
  • Photo Printing: The standard sizes for printing photos are 4*6 or 5*7 inches. These are the commonly used photo size in the printing industry. These sizes are generally used to display artistic pictures or greeting cards.    
  • Poster Printing: 8.5*11 inches is the most suitable photo size for poster printing or creating larger photo mounts. For best results, one should use the aspect ratio of 4:3 with a size of 3400*4400px. 

How to Edit Photo Sizes Online for Free? 

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Photo & Picture Resizer 

Photo & Picture Resizer is an easy-to-use app for resizing photos in seconds. It quickly downsizes photo size or resizes photo resolution. It can be used to adjust photo size for passport-size photo resizing, visa photo resizing, text messages, e-mails, Instagram, Facebook, web forms, etc.    
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Over To You 

Getting the correct photo size for your pretty photos is the icing on the cake. This blog introduces several most used photo sizes and how to change the photo sizes online to meet all your needs. Get started with resizing and making the most of your photos. Download the app and get desired photos effortlessly.

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