Color Touch Effects Photo Editor

Color Touch Effects Photo Editor is a very comprehensive photo editor with stunning effects and filters.
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Guide to use : Color Touch Effects Photo Editor

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Edit
  • Pip
  • Blur

Click on it and Choose media from Your File :

How To Use Color Touch Effects Photo Editor Tools :

  • Click On Edit And Choose Photo In Library And Start Editing.

Lot’s of tools for editing themes, filters, text, stickers and more…

  • Choose color brush and start paint on your photo. 
  • You can close the curve of photo and paint inside.
  • Select gray brush and make your photo grayish theme.
  • Click on choose color icon and select your color then start paint.
  • Click filter icon and apply filters on your photo.
  • Click on stickers icon and choose many stickers and set on your photo.
  • Click on text icon then write text on photo

After edit your photo click on save button to save your photo.

How To Use Photo Filters :

  • Click on filters button Choose your favourite and apply.

How To Use Stickers :

  • Click on stickers icon then choose your multiple stickers and apply.

How To Write Text :

  • Click on text icon and open the text window.
  • Write Your Text
  • You Can Change Font Family and Font styles just click on A, B and I.
  • Change text color by click on color ellipse.

How To Use PIP Frames :

  • Start app and click on PIP button.
  • Click on PIP icon and choose PIP frames.
  • Enhance your photo just click on Enhance icon.
  • Click on Frames icon and choose frames and apply on photo.
  • Click on stickers and apply.
  • Click on overlays and apply easily.
  •  Click on focus icon and focus your photo with different angles.
  •  Adjust lighting to click on light icon.

How To Blur Image :

  • Start the app and click on blur button.
  • Click on Blur icon and clip your photo in shapes and blur the area outside the shapes.