Duplicate File Remover For Windows 11

Efficiently manage your media files using the complete media editor tool. Separate your media files individually and delete their duplicates from your storage with the Duplicate File Remover.

1. Searching

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2. Duplicate file list

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3. Remove

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Efficiently manage your media files using this complete media editing tool. Separate your media files individually and eliminate duplicates from your storage, reducing uneven space occupied by identical files.

Key Features of Duplicate File Remover:

  • Live status viewer for real-time file processing.
  • Group view of stored media files on your device.
  • Easy navigation of multiple pictures and music files.
  • Find and delete individual files with multiple copies, including the original file.
  • File editor and modifier with simple editing tools and file browser.
  • Custom or complete scan options for easy file sorting.
  • Quick file scan for multiple operations.
  • Custom folder selection from storage.
  • Sort files with customizable options for pictures, videos, music, and documents.
  • Support for multiple file types, including Mp3, PDF, Docx, Mp4, and nearly every other file type or extension.
  • Universal Windows Platform support for flexibility and responsiveness.

Duplicate File Remover – Tutorial

The app features an excellent design and a user-friendly interface, offering editing tools for modification, custom selection, deletion, and more. It also provides alternative tuning options, such as open file and custom delete features.

Avoid replicating your personal data or files with this productivity tool on your Windows device for smooth editing of music, documents, videos, or pictures.

How to Use Duplicate File Remover:

  1. Click on the ‘Quick Search’ button for a duplicate file search.
  2. Advanced Search: For an advanced duplicate file search.

Step 1: Duplicate File Remover – Quick Search

Click the Quick Search button. A default folder is already selected for scanning.

Step 2: Duplicate File Remover – Search

  1. If you prefer not to scan the default folder, click on the close button located on the right side of the file to be removed.
  2. Alternatively, remove all files by clicking on the “Remove All” button.
  3. To add a folder for scanning, click on the “Add Folder” button.
  4. After selecting files and folders, click the “Scan” button and wait for your chosen files to be examined.
  5. Select the duplicate files you want to remove.
  6. Apply search filters based on file, name, and size if desired.
duplicate file remover tutorial

Step 3:-  Remove Duplicates

After selecting the duplicate file you want to remove, click the “Remove Duplicates” button to delete all redundant files.

duplicate file remover tutorial

Step 4:-  Arrange by Name or Size

You can arrange your duplicate files by name or size.

duplicate file remover tutorial

Step 5:-  Advanced Search

  1. Click the “Advanced Search” button.
  2. Select the file you want to scan; a default file will be preselected. If you wish to scan it, keep it; otherwise, remove it from the list.
  3. To remove all files from the list, click on the “Remove All” button.
  4. Click the “Add Folder” button to include a folder in the list for scanning.
duplicate file remover tutorial

Step 6:-  Select File Type

  1. Choose the file extension to search. Click the “All Type Extensions” button to scan all types of duplicate files.
  2. Alternatively, select the extension if you want to scan only one file type, such as documents, pictures, videos, or audio.
  3. If your extension is not available in the above section, there’s an option to convert your file extension into another.
  4. Click on the “Next” button after selecting the extension.