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Photo Editor Pro - PIP Camera

For Windows 10

Use Pic-in-Pic Photo Editor Pro to blend your photo in a unique way by using
a collection of 35+ PIP frames, 100 stickers, 20+ effects, more than one text,
10+ backgrounds, and many more.

How To Use Photo Editor Pro – PIP Camera Effects ?

Photo Editor Pro – Make full use of the features listed below to make your profile pic stunning.

  • PIP Frames – 35+ unique and appealing frames to set your photo.
  • Background – Multiple background images available.
  • Border frames – Basic border frames are available.
  • Stickers – 100+ stickers to describe your mood, you can more than stickers to your photo with manageable options to scale, rotate and delete.
  • Text – Also add customized text over your photo to various font styles, sizes, and colors. More than one text can be added with the options to rotate, scale, and delete.

Photo Editor Pro – PIP Camera Effects is the ultimate pic-in-pic photo editor to edit photos and fun playing with several.

Choices of frames and tools options. Make your pic best, save and share it among your friends and family……Click the best.

Camera & Gallery

Selfies are a great sensation these days and everyone is addicted to them. with “Real time selfie + HDR mode” you can click selfies in HD quality by just following these simple steps.

  • Click on the “Camera” option on the very left of your screen with an orange camera icon.
  •  After doing so, you will see that it opens the Real Time Selfie for you.
  • With an HDR mode option on the left.
  • To disable the feature, click on the icon again and it will turn off HDR MODE for you. 
  • Capture and you’ll be directed to the editing screen. 
  • Tap on the “Camera” on the very left of your screen with an orange camera icon.
  •  After doing so, you will see that it opens the Real Time Selfie for you with an HDR mode option on the left.
  •  To enable the HDR MODE Click on the icon of “HDR MODE” and it will turn on the feature for you. 
  • Choose the option of  “Capture” and you’ll be directed to the editing screen. 
  • If you wish to choose images from the device, click on “Gallery”. 
  • Add an image from your device and start editing. 
  • If you wish to choose another images from the device,
  • Click on “pick Again”.  or click on Next button to continue edit your photo using Photo Editor pro – PIP Camera.

Add Stickers

  •  You will see an option of “STICKERS” on the bottom of your screen just beside the “FILTERS” option.
  •  Come on the “STICKERS” option,
  • This will provide you a bunch of stickers for you to select from. Just click on the sticker you want and drag it with the cursor on any part of the photo you would like to put it on.
  • You can change the size of the sticker, click on the bottom right icon on the sticker and hold the left click to resize it.

Apply PIP To Photo

  • Click on PIP button to change PIP frame, when you choose your photo from gallery auto PIP frame applied to your photo.
  • Click on any PIP frame and adjust your image position, now you are ready to share PIP camera photo to your friends.

Photo Editor Pro – PIP Camera – Filters

  • Once you have  selected  your desired picture, you are directed to the filter page with  PIP applied on the screen already. 
  • Select any filter you like according to the color contrast and the as per your preference. 
  • If you want to remove the filter, Click on No Effects. 

Apply Background on PIP Camera photo

  • Click on Background button to add background image on your photo.
  • there are lots of background category like craft, travel, India, and lots of more category to choose in which lots of background image you can choose.

Apply Frames on PIP Camera photo

  • The Border Frame button and choose any photo frame according to your choice.
  • There is lot’s of amazing border frame to apply on your photo, simply click on border frame to apply.


  •  In the editing section you will see the option to “ADD TEXT” on your bottom right corner just before the “Blur” option. Click on the option.
  •  After clicking the “ADD TEXT” option you will see the “ENTER TEXT’’ dialogue on top of your screen, just below that there will be a space for you to type your text in.
  • After typing your text, you can choose different fonts for it which are available just under it.

Click on Add image button to add your image, stickers and icon from your gallery.

Quotes: Click on quotes button and choose category there are lots of quotes category and quotes to add on your photo.

  • Click on quotes button and choose category and your choice quote and adjust on your photo.

Click on save button and choose your image type eg. JPG and PNG, this is a new feature to save your image in jpg and png format.


Let’s share the masterpiece you have created with the world. Here are the easy steps you can follow to do that. 

  • To save the picture click on the save icon in the bottom right corner of the screen when you’re done editing your picture.
  • After clicking “save” you will see different options in a row on your right side of the side of the screen.