Adult Coloring Book With Multiple Templates & Colors

Coloring is an effective way to relieve stress. When you don't have pencils and papers around you, our color therapy will be your best choice.
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Guide to use : Adult Coloring Book With Multiple Templates & Colors :

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Color Book 
  • Pencil Sketch

Coloring Book with multiple templates and colors choose template just click on it

How to Use Color Book :

  • Lot’s of color choose color and click on it.
  • Use Mouse and fill the color just click on area where you want to fill color.
  • Click on  Undo button if remove recent draw.
  • Click on Reset button to rest position or size to default .
  • Click on Clear All Button to clear all color.
  • Use ZoomIn and ZoomOut to fill color to small unit.

Click on Save Button to save your drawing to your gallery :

Pencil sketch to draw sketch using pencil tool like paint and save and Enjoy.

Done ! Share and Enjoy ....

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