Adult Coloring Book With Multiple Templates & Colors

Coloring is an effective way to relieve stress. When you don't have pencils and papers around you, our color therapy will be your best choice.
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Coloring Book with multiple templates and colors choose template just click on it

  • Templates designs 
  • Import my picture 

Import my picture

  • Click on Import my picture button and choose your .PNG image only from your gallery and wait a moment your image will upload.
  • After choose png photo wait a moment after that you will find this image in A_Your_imports category.
  • Here are all your import photos will listed you can easily select from here and start filling colors.
  • click on any imported image and choose color and start filling color.
  • Lot’s of amazing color to fill color you can make your own color from color picker.
  • fill color and click on save button to save your photo and print.

Templates designs 

  • lot’s of category and art to choose choose any  category and select your art from library.

How to Use Color Book :

  • Lot’s of color choose color and click on it.
  • Use Mouse and fill the color just click on area where you want to fill color.
  • Click on  Undo button if remove recent draw.
  • Click on Reset button to rest position or size to default .
  • Click on Clear All Button to clear all color.
  • Use ZoomIn and ZoomOut to fill color to small unit.
  • Lot’s of color choose any color if you want other color just scroll and find plus icon box and click on it to make custom color you can make your own color.
  • Here you can paste color code or make RGB color combination after that click on Ok button to save your color and choose your color and fill in drawing art.
  • Lot’s  tools to make amazing artwork here you can choose Pen tool to draw and write on artwork.
  • click on pen tool from head and choose color of pen and write and draw.
  • Here you can see your art work that you draw previous.
  • Here you can continue your artwork. 
  • Click on save button to save your art work in gallery or you can print your art work directly.
  • Here you can save and share your artwork.
  • Click on setting button and choose theme mode light, dark and use system setting.
  • Here you can customize your application.

Done ! Share and Enjoy ....