Coloring Book

For Windows 10

Explore the secret garden created in beautifully detailed illustrations
and drawings and bring them to life using those colorful palettes
with your imagination.

We have all the features you might need

All-in-one Coloring Book in your PC

Templates Designs

With “Adult coloring book with Multiple templates and
colors” we bring you a new and advanced collection of
templates with which you can create your favourite art with
your aesthetic skills. We have templates available for every
age group and all the interests.

Import my picture

With “Adult coloring book with Multiple templates and
colors” you can access your picture library and upload
any picture you want to work on within a second. This
is the closest to real coloring you can possibly get. The
app offers various coloring brush options to get each
and every angle according to your own desire.

Fill Colors

Now with “Adult coloring book with Multiple templates and
colors” it’s very easy to create your own favourite art within
a couple of minutes. Follow these simple steps to see how.
To make your art come to life you got to add some colors to
it. With our new set of amazing colors, you will reach the
limits of creativity. Let’s get started.


If you want to start over with a fresh template or if you want to give your design a new look. Use our new and improved feature which clears the whole thing up within seconds. Follow these simple steps for doing so. We get that Art can be a mess sometimes and yes; we all make mistakes but with our new “undo” feature we aren’t going to let them ruin your whole project.

Save And share

Your Professional life can get in your way when it comes to
the hobbies and interests you’ve nurtured for years, we can
all agree that not all of us have much time to plan those
cozy Sundays with our canvases on but with “Adult coloring
book with Multiple templates and colors” we are going to
bring your artistic experience to your doorstep on your pc
or laptop.


Use it everywhere