Open Rar Zip All Zip Tar Unrar Unzip : Archives Extraction of All Files

Use Rar Zip All Zip Tar Unrar Unzip for packing and unpacking files without any difficulties!
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Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Files To Compress
  • Extract All Files From Archive 
  • Zip Explorer
  • Zip Extractor
  • Folder To ZipFile Converter
  • Convert Rar From Web

How To Compress Files :

  • Click on Files To Compress.
  • Choose Archive type and Archive name.
  • Tap to choose location.
  • Click on start and start compressing.

Multiple File Extract From Archives :

  • Click on Extract All Files From Archive.
  • Choose your file and Start.

How To Extract Zip File :

  • Click on Zip Explorer.
  • Choose your Zip file.
  •  Extract your files in your selected location.

How To Extract Zip :

  • Click on Zip Extractor.
  •  Select your Zip file.
  • Tap on choose Location then click on Extract.

Folder To Zip File Converter :

  • Click on Folder To Zip Converter.
  • Choose Your Folder.
  • Tap on choose location.
  • Click on Convert to Zip button.

How To Convert Rar From Web :

  • Click on Convert Rar from Web .
  • Enter The URL in first blank box.
  • Enter the file name second blank white box.
  • Tap on Download and Extract.