MP3 Player - Music Player Audio Player

Best MP3 Player with powerful equalizer. Now you can quickly search all music files, apply custom background skins and much more.
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Guide to use : MP3 Player - Music Player Audio Player

Let’s get started : How To Use Mp3 Music Player:

  • Select Button MY MUSIC and choose your music just click on it and play.
  • You can check Album & Artists details by click on Albums & Artist button.

How To Check Music History :

  • Click on music history and you can check your Recently played music, Recently added & Mostly played.

How To Check Your Favorite Music List :

  • Click on Favorite Music and open a window of favorite music.
  • You can check your Music, Artists & Albums here.
  • Play easily your Favorite music

Find details of Now Playing music :

  • Click on Now Playing and you can see your music details easily.
  • You can find your music name, Lyrics, Artists info, Sond duration etc.

Go To Setting And Set Your Mp3 Player :

  • Click on Setting and set your mp3 player For ex. Personalization, Music Library, Keyboard Bindings, Core, Audio, Contact.

More Tools Of Music Player :

  • Some more tools For ex. Shuffle, No repeat, Show equalizare, Save music etc.