Mp3 Player for

Windows 10

Play your favourite music the way you want. Turn your own Laptop into a music jukebox when you use “Mp3 player – music player audio player”. You can now use our auto-tagging feature to clean up your old messy music library.

We have all the features you might need

Add songs to Music Player

Adding new songs to your music library can take a lot of time but with our new add song feature you will be able to do it within seconds.

My songs-music/albums/artists.

With our new my songs feature you can organise your music according to you. Where you will have all the information regarding it. Just follow these simple steps to use this amazing feature.

Music History

To view your music history, you may have to go through a bit of trouble but with “mp3 player-music player audio player” we provide you direct and easy options to reach out for. Let’s learn how.

Favorite music

To look out for our Favorite music and not finding it can frustrate us big time but with “mp3 player-music player audio player” you don’t have to worry about that. Want to see why?

Now playing.

Our app has this amazing now playing option which shows you the music you’re playing at the moment. Follow these steps to see how

Customize Settings

Music settings are very important to finalize your own style and listen to your music in your own way. With our settings option you can go and make the changes yourself.