Add Music to Videos

Enhance your videos with professional-grade sound quality and captivating music selections. Elevate your content to new heights with our assistance. Because when it comes to creating captivating videos, every note matters.


You don’t need special editing skills because the tool allows you to rotate videos at any angle with just one click. Additionally, the ‘Add Music to Video’ option lets you rotate videos on Windows effortlessly.


Video trimming is a complex aspect of the video editing process that demands patience and hard work. However, with the right amount of both, you can become a pro. The ‘Add Music To Video’ option offers valuable assistance in this regard. Its remarkable video trimming feature will make you feel like you’ve been doing this for ages. Just follow these simple steps to get started.


Merging videos together can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in video editing, but with the new ‘Merge Video’ option in Movie Creator, it becomes effortless. Simply select the video you want to trim by clicking on the Trim button, then add another footage by selecting ‘Add Video’ next.


Extracting MP3 can be a tricky task for beginners and sometimes even for experts. However, with ‘Add Music To Videos,’ we’ve made it easy for everyone.


Mixing audio and video together can be very technical, but with ‘Add Music To Videos,’ it’s a trick right up your sleeve. The application provides a step-by-step guide to make the process effortless for anyone. Check the ‘Repeat Music’ button if you want to repeat the same audio. Select the save button to save the video.


When using this application, it’s often suggested to keep the folder on the desktop. You don’t need to sort out unwanted features; just upload the video, wait a moment for the tool to process, and download the muted video in one simple click. This process will save you time in the future.


Transform your shaky video into a smooth, motion-stabilized one, providing results that resemble footage captured with a gimbal. You can easily share the stabilized video directly from the application.