Video Blender And Photo Blender Mixer

Discover the ultimate video and photo blending app! Effortlessly blend videos by importing a background video and multiple foreground videos. Achieve seamless blending with our intuitive interface. Try it now and elevate your video and photo blending experience!

Experience the perfect video and photo blender mixer app! Effortlessly blend videos or photos right on your device. Choose a background video and multiple foreground videos and photos for custom blending. Specify the duration for each selected foreground video or photo, ensuring a precise blend at the desired time. Easily adjust blend visibility with a simple swipe up and down gesture.

Unlock creativity with multiple geometric shapes for masking and blending on videos. Express yourself by adding text to videos with inking support—choose from a variety of colors and font sizes. Your written text seamlessly integrates with the video through pen and eraser support.

Make intricate adjustments to each layer’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and opacity. Embrace the uniqueness of our app, offering unlimited time for blending video clips.

Enjoy a simple and beautiful user interface that enhances your blending experience. Save and share your creations effortlessly with family and friends across various social networking platforms.

Step -1

  • Click on the Video Blend Icon to open the video blending options.
  • From the video blending options, choose “Select video from gallery” or a similar option.
  • A file browser will appear, allowing you to browse your device’s gallery or file directory. Select the desired video by clicking on it.
  • Once the video is selected, it will be imported into the application and ready for blending.
  • Click on the “Choose background” button in the video editing software or application, and select a video or photo from your device’s gallery or library to use as the background for your video.

Step 2:-  Click on the “Choose Foreground” button to select the video or photo that will serve as the foreground for your video. Upon clicking the button, a menu will appear, allowing you to pick the desired element from your device’s gallery.

Step 3:-  Click on the “Background Volume” option to adjust the volume of the background audio in your blended video. After clicking the option, you’ll be able to fine-tune the volume levels according to your preferences.

Step 4:-  Click on the “Opacity” option to fine-tune the transparency of the foreground video. Adjust the opacity level based on your video’s requirements.

Step 5:-  Click on the “Adjustment” option to customize the lighting settings for your blended video. Upon clicking the button, you’ll have the ability to fine-tune parameters such as brightness, contrast, and other lighting effects according to your preferences.

Step 6:-  Click on the “Effect” option to select a desired effect for your video or photo.

After choosing an effect, click on it once more to apply it to your video or photo.

Additionally, the “Start New” option allows you to initiate a new blend video project. Click on this option to begin a fresh project from the beginning.

Step 7:-  Congratulations! You have successfully created your blend photo or video. To save your creation to your device, simply click on the “Save” button. Once saved, you can easily share it with your friends and family on various social media platforms or messaging apps by selecting the “Share” option.