GIF Maker, Video To GIF - GIF Viewer

This is a fantastic GIF Viewer and GIF Maker application that allows you to create GIF from videos so that you can send them
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Guide to use : GIF Maker, Video To GIF - GIF Viewer

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Video to GIF
  • Camera to GIF
  • Photo to GIF 
  • GIF Viewer : Just for seen Your saved photo

Follow the same steps of using tool of GIF maker Click on it and Choose media from Your File :

How to create Video to GIF

  • Click on the Video To GIF Button and choose video from file storage.
  • Trim Your Video Select 10 second video for convert GIF image.
  • Use mouse set Start Time & End Time.
  • Click on Check Button.

After Trim 10 Second Video Apply theme and filters if you want to apply.

  • Click on Theme Button and choose Motion theme on GIF.
  • Click on Theme and continue button.
  • Click on Filters button and choose there are lot’s of amazing filters.
  • choose filter and click on filter to apply on GIF.
  • Click on Continue Button.

Apply frame on filters and set the GIF Speed.

  • click on Frame button and click on the frame for apply.
  • click on speed button set the GIF speed.

How To merge Your video :

Insert GIF from GIPHY you can marge two or more gif in single gif image.

  • click on GIPHY button.
  • There is lot’s of GIF you can search and click on the GIF and wait a moment it will inset into your GIF Image.

How To use camera to GIF Tools :

  • Click on Camera to GIF button.
  • Allow to Use Camera of your device.
  • Start recording Your short video.
  • Follow the Same steps of video to GIF.

How to use Photo to GIF

  • Click on photo to GIF button and select photos from your file storage.
  • and Follow the same tools steps to make Photo to GIF

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