Clean All Your Junk,Temporary & Cache Files in Seconds

Junk files, cache, temp files, and residual items are some problems we all have to face with our devices. To clear them up we all have tried a lot of cleaning apps, but nothing worked ? so lets try Super Cleaner Master To clean your device

How It works

Simple from the start Super Cleaner Master

1. Searching

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2. Cleaning

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3. All file safe

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Junk files, cache, temp files, and residual items are problems we all face with our devices. To clear them up, we all have tried a lot of cleaning apps, but nothing worked. Well, now, we will take away all your worries; with our revolutionary app, Super Cleaner, we will solve all these problems. Don’t worry; it’s not going to take hours and hours. We will make it happen in just one tap,

Unbelievable right? With our advanced and improved features, it is possible. So, no more junk covering up all the space in your device; say no to “not enough storage space” notifications and look at our features.

Step 1: Super Cleaner Master Cleaner– Start Scan

Scanning your device can take hours and hours; with our busy lifestyle, we don’t have that much time, and Super Cleaner Master Cleaner knows that too. Our new Start Scan feature will only take minutes to complete the scanning operation. No more sitting for hours to clean those cache files because now you can do it in just one tap. Follow these easy steps given below to start that scan right now.

  • Click on the start button to open “super cleaner master cleaner” on your device.
  • Click on the “start scan” option; that is the first option from your left on the home screen.

Step 2: Click on select the drive you want to clean option and choose the drive.

Step 3: Super Cleaner Master Cleaner – Cleaning

Cache and residual files can take up a lot of space and cause problems on your device. In many cases, this can also harm your device by introducing a lot of malware and viruses on your device. That’s why it is very important to clean your device regularly. With Super Cleaner Master Cleaner, we care about your device and your comfort. Our Clean feature allows you to quickly and permanently clean up unwanted substances from your device. To take advantage of our advanced “clean” feature, look at the steps below and follow them to do so yourself.

·         Choose your desired file from your device. : Click on the folder button and choose the desired folder to scan.

Step 4: This popup box asks if you want to permanently delete these files. If you click yes, delete your selected folder and clean up your selected folder.

Step 5:After all is completed, click on the finished button, change the drive, and start deep cleaning your pc to perform light.