Funimate Video Editor

If you enjoy editing videos and adding your personal touch to them, then the “Funimate Musical Video Editor” is the perfect app for you. Funimate Video Editor offers a variety of cool video editing tools to enhance your videos.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Funimate
  2. Getting Started
    • Opening Funimate on Your Device
    • Selecting and Adjusting Your Video
  3. Enhancing Your Video
    • Adding Fun Stickers
    • Adding Text
      • Choosing Text Duration
      • Customizing Text (Font, Color, Background)
    • Including Images
  4. Finalizing Your Video
    • Saving Your Creation

How to Add Text using Funimate

Adding text to a picture is one thing, but when it comes to a video, it can be a bit challenging. Texts can be informative and give your videos a cool look. Fortunately, with the “Funimate Musical Video Editor,” it becomes an easy task.

Follow the simple steps below to add text to your videos:

Step 1:-  Open Funimate Musical Video Editor on your PC or laptop.

This will open the home screen for you. Click on the “Text on Video” option and select the video from your system files.

Step 2:-  First, choose the duration of your video.

The app enables you to select a video from your device. To set the duration for the video, drag both cursors along the blue bar. Adjust the video playback by dragging the cursor along the bar.

Step 3:-  Add funny stickers to your video.

Click on the stickers icon and choose your favorite stickers to enhance your video.

Step 4:-  Click on the “Add Text” option at the bottom of your screen to type and change the font.

Now, click on the “Add Text” option, the first one from the left on your screen. Additionally, you can change the text font style, add text color, modify the text background, include text-shadow, and explore various other customization options.

Step 5:-  Click on the “Add Image” option to include an image in your video.

Step 6:-  Click on the “Save” option at the bottom of the screen after adding the text to save the video.