Express Your Video Editing Skill

Video Editor No Crop – Express your creativity in a new style and redefine your video viewing experience by uploading your Instagram clips from your touch device smoothly and make them unforgettable forever.

Video Editor No Crop, Add Music offers a range of features to elevate your video editing experience:

  • Organize, edit, and share your stunning clips on Instagram with instant blur background.
  • Craft and share professional-quality videos directly from your Windows phone.
  • Enjoy a creative and lovable app design for personal videos.
  • Edit and save your entire videos on a Windows device, preserving amazing moments forever on your smartphone.


  • Add custom music clips to your videos.
  • Updated with a delay timer to set custom text that appears on the video.
  • New multiline text support on your touch device.
  • Add custom stickers and emoticons.
  • Trim your videos instantly with a single tap.
  • Set custom scaling and adjust the transparency level of text and stickers.
  • Choose from multiple solid colors for square image background.
  • Arrange multiple texts on your video simultaneously.
  • Apply a variety of filters and cool frames to your images.
  • Easily share your creations on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Utilize the video crop tool for instant upload and work feature.
  • Explore the app’s astonishing features to delight family and friends.
  • Save your videos instantly to a custom location.
  • Use pre-installed soundtracks for your video.
  • Experiment freely with edits and revert to the original at any time.
  • Simplified Instagram video editor for adding music, text on video, blurring the background, and trimming videos.
  • Featured with the ability to upload content to Instagram with simple gestures.

Let’s start with the App:

  1. Click the Merge video button to merge your videos.
  2. Choose videos from your device that you wish to merge.
  • Set the duration of your videos if you want to crop them and add the clips.
  • Click on the Add Clip button to add a new clip to your video at the current position, beginning, or end of your video project.
  • Click the Filter button to add amazing filter effects to your video.
  • Once you’re done, click the Save button to save your creation.