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Suppose you want to know How to Merge videos and add some of your charms. Well, it means Funimate is the perfect application for you.


If you also like to edit your videos, add some of your charms to them. Well, it means “Funimate musical video editor” is the perfect app for you. Video editing is an art; with our app, you will become a pro at it. Explore your heights of creativity because we are bringing you the most advanced and easy-to-use features. What to wait for? Let’s look at our features and follow the easiest steps.


How to Merge videos using the Funimate all-in-one application?

It’s a tough decision to make between your videos. Still, you don’t have to go through that anymore because Funimate Musical video editor” has got something else planned just for you. With our new and advanced “add video” feature, you can do it very quickly. Just follow the easy steps given below.

Step 1: Open Funimate Musically Video Editor on your pc or laptop.

  • This will open the home screen for you.

Now click on the Add Video option, the fourth from your left on the screen

Step 2: How to Merge videos using the Funimate all-in-one application

  • Add a new video clip to merge your current video. 
  • You can add the new clip to all three positions. Current position, Beginning of project or End of the project.

Step 3: Set the Duration of your merge video

  • Drag both cursors along the blue bar to set a duration option from the video.
  • Next, click on the filter icon option and apply the filter effects on your video.

Step 4: Click on Desired resolution and set your favorite resolution to your merge video.

Step 5: Click on the save button, set the properties of the video, and keep it in your computer location.