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How to Paste the photo on different background to using Background Eraser Application ?

Tool to erase the background out of your content. It also helps you to get a new background for your pic, which you can either choose from our variety of background options or by uploading your own image from the library.

Get your photo cropped instantly and add a new background to your photo which seems as you were actually there. Use the cropped image as a stamp with the option to resize, rotate and change the position. Most of the background image is also erased automatically by the auto option.

Options provided: select background and paste your photo

  • Auto Mode – This will erase your background and make it transparent to get the part of your picture.
  • Crop Mode – Snip your photo by drawing the outline strokes.
  • Background – there are 20+ backgrounds that can suit your cropped picture.
  • Gallery – You can also pick background image from your pictures folder.
  • Save and Share – Save the image with the new place and share it on social media among your friends and family.

The result of this app will make you feel as if you were in a new place in actual. Save it as a stamp and use it in any of your photos. Keep sharing your pics!

Editing your pictures can take a while especially when you’re trying to cut that horrible part of the picture which is stopping you from posting it on your socials. But now with “Background Eraser” it is as simple as sipping coffee. Don’t wait and try our new and amazing features and edit your pictures within minutes.

To cut or remove apart from a picture can be a headache but when it comes to “Background Eraser” we are providing you our new and easy-to-use feature “Paste Photo”. Want to see how you can turn your hour taking job into a minutes’ thing. Follow these steps:

Step 1: open Paste photo tool and start editing.

  • Click on Cutout icon and and Choose auto cut image list and apply your image cutout.

Step 2 :-  Click on Photo icon and Add image in grid in your selected background. you can also edit your image to click on image and you can apply filter and image duplicate,fill color on image background or change background image color.

Step 3 :-  Click on Camera icon and Capture photo from your device Camera.

Step 4 :-  Click on Background icon and choose your favorite background Application also provided lot’s of background images you can easily choose it.

  • If you want to use background color you can easily choose it. lot’s of color provided Background Eraser Application.

Step 5 :-  Click on Stickers Icon and add stickers on your images. Background Eraser Application Also provides a lot’s of different types of stickers you can easily choose your favorite sticker and apply it your image.

Step 8 :-  Click on Add Text Icon and write your text and add the text .

  • Click on font style option and change your font style on your text. 
  • Click on background option and set the text background. Background Eraser Application provides lot’s of background option for text .
  • Click on text style and change text style also you can change font shadow,character Space,Line Space,Text Alignment and caption control.

Step 9 :-  Click on Border Icon and add border on your images.

  • Also you can choose corner border and corner radius to your Background Eraser image creation.
  • you can also add border image on your creation.
  • you can also add border color on your creation.

Step 10 :-  Click on Status Icon and add Status like Quotes. Background Eraser Application also provides lot’s of Quotes you can easily choose and apply it your creation.

Step 11 :-  Click on save button and save your creation JPG and PNG format. Also you can share your Creation Family and Friends. 



That’s it! You’ve just successfully turned your first Background Eraser into a shareable masterpiece.

Did you run into issues? Have any questions? Be sure to send us a message and we’ll be here to assist you!