Background Eraser

Background eraser is the ultimate photo-snipping tool to erase the background out of your content. It also helps you to get a new background for your pic.


Tool to Erase and Add Backgrounds:

Our Background Eraser tool not only helps you remove the background from your content but also provides an opportunity to add a new background to your image. You can choose from a variety of pre-loaded backgrounds or upload your own from the library.

Instantly crop your photo and add a new background that seamlessly integrates, making it appear as if you were actually there. Use the cropped image as a stamp, giving you the option to resize, rotate, and reposition it. The auto option intelligently erases most of the background automatically.

Options provided:

  1. Cut Photo and Erase Background

    • Auto Mode: Erase your background and make it transparent to retain the main subject.
    • Crop Mode: Precision cropping by drawing outline strokes.
    • Background: Choose from 20+ backgrounds that complement your cropped picture.
    • Gallery: Select a background image from your pictures folder.
  2. Save and Share:

    • Save the image with the new background and share it on social media with friends and family.

The result? Your image will transport you to a new place, creating a realistic and captivating visual. Save it as a stamp and use it creatively in your photos. Keep sharing your enhanced pics!

Editing Made Easy:

Editing pictures can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with unwanted elements in a photo. With Background Eraser, the process is as simple as sipping coffee. Don’t wait; try our new and incredible features to edit your pictures within minutes.

How to Remove Background:

Step 1: Open the Cut Photo tool to select the area you want to remove from the background. Choose your image from your device’s folder.

Step 2:-  After selecting the photo, click on “Auto Eraser” set the threshold to your preference, and start erasing the background or the selected area of your photo.

Step 4:-  Furthermore, utilize the “Extract” button to cut outside the erase area, providing you with versatile options for refining your image.

Step 6:-  Moreover, you have the option to use the “Extract” button and cut outside the erase area, providing you with versatile choices for refining your image.

Step 7:-  If you prefer manual control over background erasing, click on the Manual Icon. Set the Brush Size according to your preference and proceed to erase the background manually.

Once the manual erasing is completed, click on the continue button to proceed with further editing.

Step 8:- Click on the Cutout icon, choose the auto-cut image list, and apply the cutout effect to your image.

Step 9:-  Click the Photo icon and add an image to the grid within your selected background.

Step 10:-  Click the Photo icon and add an image to the grid within your selected background.

Step 11:-  Click on the Camera icon and capture a photo using your camera.

Step 12:-  Click on the Background icon and choose your favorite background. The app offers a variety of background images for you to select from.

Alternatively, if you prefer a background color, you can easily choose from the extensive color options available in the Background Eraser application.

Step 13:-  Click on the Stickers Icon and add stickers to your images. The application offers a variety of stickers in different categories. Easily choose your favorite sticker and apply it to your picture.

Step 14:-  Click on the Add Text Icon and write your text to add it to your image.

  • Click on the font style option to change the font style of your text.
  • Explore the background option to set the background for your text. The Background Eraser Application offers numerous background options for text.
  • Explore text style settings to change the overall style of your text. Adjust font shadow, character space, line space, text alignment, and caption control according to your preferences.

Step 15:-  Click on the Border Icon to add a border to your images.

  • Explore options to choose a corner border and corner radius for your Background Eraser image creation.
  • Add a border image to enhance your creation.
  • Customize your creation further by adding a border color according to your preferences.

Step 16:-  Click on the Status Icon and add a status, such as quotes. The app provides a variety of quotes that you can easily choose and apply to your creation.

Step 17:-  Click the save button to save your creation in both JPG and PNG formats.


That’s it! You’ve just successfully turned your first Background Eraser into a shareable masterpiece.

Did you run into issues? Have any questions? Be sure to send us a message and we’ll be here to assist you!