Add Music to Videos

Incorporating music not only enhances the attractiveness of your video but also adds a professional touch, making your content much more enjoyable and refined.

We won’t presume to define what constitutes wonderful music, but it’s worth noting that the sound quality on anything less than a professional-level video camera can often be underwhelming and may detract from your videos. However, our ‘Add Music to Videos’ application is here to help you seamlessly integrate the perfect track, enhancing the attractiveness and professionalism of your content, resulting in more enjoyable videos.

With this application, you can effortlessly trim, record, and attach musical clips to your personal videos, instantly creating impressive compositions and perfect videos of your loved ones. The collaborative video editing options and a range of tools for improving video quality make it a versatile choice. Simply pick any track from your device gallery to create stunning video clips that are more desirable to watch.

Key Features of ‘Add Music to Videos’:

  • New looping feature for pre-installed music clips
  • Choose from pre-installed clips to attach to your videos
  • Custom music track support for video editing
  • Instantly record your voice and attach it to your clip
  • Easy sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Save videos directly to your Windows device
  • Add music in the background to complete your video story
  • Stable and lightweight application
  • Custom location storage of your video clips for feasibility

The featured video editing tool allows you to easily record and transform clips with unique features, supporting the universal Windows platform with a user-friendly interface and flexible controls. This empowers you to create stunning videos of your family and friends within a few seconds.

Relive your refreshing memories by singing along with the app on your Windows phones and tablets anytime. Download the app today!

To use the application for video editing, run it on your device. With ‘Add Music to Videos,’ you can rotate, trim, merge, convert video to mp3, add music, mute music, and improve video stabilization.

For video trimming, simply click on ‘Trim Video,’ choose a video from the gallery, and use various tools to edit your video seamlessly.

  • Once you’ve chosen your video, adjust the starting and ending times to trim it.
  • Explore the desired options of the ‘Trim Video’ feature, utilizing various tools for video editing. Click on the option menu and choose between the blur background option or the original.
  • To select your desired format, click on the ‘Desired Format’ button and choose the new format for your video.
  • To set your preferred resolution, click on the ‘Desired Resolution’ dropdown and choose the new resolution for your video. Once you’ve made all the adjustments, don’t forget to save your video.
  • After making your adjustments, click the Save button, and the file will be saved in your chosen location. Feel free to support us by sharing our application with your friends and acquaintances.