How to Trim videos

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How to Trim videos? it is a very complicated yet important job but with the right tools, one can do it very easily let’s download funimate now.

If you also like to edit your videos and add some of your own charm to them. Well, it means “Funimate musical video editor” is the perfect app for you. Video editing is an art and with our app you will become a pro at it. Explore your heights of creativity because we are bringing you the most advanced and easy to use features ever. What to wait for? Let’s get started and take a look at our features and follow the easiest steps to use them on your own.

How to Trim videos?

Video editing has some key elements and one of the most important ones is video trimming, it is a very complicated yet important job but with right assistance and tools one can do it very easily. Follow our easy given steps to take advantage of our new “trim video” feature made just for you.

Step 1: Open “Funimate Musically video” on your pc or laptop.

  • This will open the home screen for you.
  • Now click on the “trim video” option that is the third from your left on the screen.
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Step 2 : App will allow you to select files from your device. Click on the desired file.

How to Trim videos

Step 3: How to Trim videos?

  • Adjust the video playtime by dragging the cursor along the grey bar just below the video.
  • To trim the desired part from the video, drag both the cursors along the blue bar to do so.
  • To save the trimmed video, click on the “save” option on the bottom of the screen to complete the action.
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