Adult Coloring Book With Multiple Templates & Colors

Explore the secret garden through beautifully detailed illustrations and drawings in this adult coloring book. Bring them to life using a variety of colorful palettes, letting your imagination run wild.

How to Undo, Redo, and Delete Ink in Adult Coloring Book With Multiple Templates

Enjoying the fun of coloring in the Adult Coloring Book is enhanced with the ability to undo, redo, and delete ink. Here’s how you can manage these features seamlessly:

Undoing and Redoing Actions:

  1. After selecting your template or importing a picture, start coloring with your chosen colors.

  2. Undoing:

    • If you make a mistake or want to go back, simply click on the “Undo” option. This will revert your last action.
  3. Redoing:

    • If you change your mind or want to reapply an action, use the “Redo” option to bring back the last action you undid.

Deleting Ink:

  1. To start over or give your design a fresh look:

    • Fresh Template:

      • Click on the “Templates Designs” option, the first option on the left side of the home screen.
    • New Look:

      • Alternatively, you can choose “Import My Picture” if you want to work on your own image.
  2. Improved Feature:

    • Utilize the new and improved feature to clear the canvas within seconds.
  3. Undoing Mistakes:

    • If you make mistakes while coloring:

      • Click on the “Undo” option to remove the last action.
      • Continue clicking “Undo” to backtrack through multiple actions.
  4. Redoing Actions:

    • If you decide to bring back a removed action, use the “Redo” option.

Enjoy the creative process without worrying about mistakes or changes of heart. The “Undo” “Redo” and “Delete Ink” features in “Adult Coloring Book with Multiple Templates and Colors” ensure a smooth and stress-free artistic experience. Download now and explore the world of coloring on your PC or laptop!

Step 2: Adding Color and Managing Changes in the Coloring Window

After entering the coloring window with your chosen template, follow these steps to add color and manage changes effectively:

  1. Selecting a Color:

    • Choose any color from the given options at the bottom of the screen to bring magic to your artwork.
  2. Undoing Changes:

    • To undo the effect, click on the leftwards dropping sign at the top of the app.
    • This feature can be used as many times as needed to undo your work on the templates.
  3. Redoing Changes:

    • If you want to redo a change you just made, click on the rightwards sloping arrow.
    • With just one click, you’ll have your changes back, providing flexibility in your creative process.
  4. Starting Fresh:

    • If you’re looking to give a new look to the design or have made a mistake, such as using red instead of yellow, click on the “Bin” button.
    • This action will remove all colors, allowing you to start anew with a clean canvas.

These features ensure a dynamic and user-friendly coloring experience, allowing you to experiment, correct, and customize your artwork effortlessly. Enjoy the creative freedom with “Adult Coloring Book with Multiple Templates and Colors” on your PC or laptop!

How to Undo Redo Delete ink in the adult coloring book colors in adult coloring books