Add Music to Videos

 We won’t presume to tell you what wonderful music is. The sound quality on anything less than a professional-level video camera is usually underwhelming and can detract from your videos. But we can help you to add music to videos with the perfect track. Adding music helps make your video more attractive and holds a professional touch, making your video much better and more enjoyable.

Trim, record, and attach musical clips with your personal videos instantly on your device to make impressive compositions and perfect videos of your loved ones.

Combined with collaborative video editing options and a wide range of tools for improving video quality. Pick any track from your device gallery and make stunning video clips more desirable to watch.

Add Music To Videos Features:

  • New looping feature for pre-installed music clips
  • Choose from pre-installed clips for your videos to attach.
  • Custom music track support for the video edit
  • Instantly record your voice and attach it to your clip.
  • Easy shares on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Save videos directly to your windows device.
  • Add music in the background to complete your video story.
  • A stable and light application.
  • Custom location storage of your video clips for feasibility
  • The featured video editing tool lets you easily record and transform clips with unique features. Supports universal windows platform with a user-friendly interface and flexible controls for making stunning videos of your family and friends within a few seconds.

Rejoice with your refreshing memories by singing along with the app on your windows phones and tablets anytime. Download the app today!

  • Run The application on your device for video editing; using Add Music to Videos application, you can rotate, trim, merge, convert video to mp3, add music, mute music, and improve video stabilization.

Video Rotation: Click on the Video Rotate button and choose your video from your gallery to rotate your video and lots more tools to edit your video.

  • After selecting the video, you’ll find a rotate option to rotate your video to 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°.
  • You can also blur your video by setting the blur amount.
  • Slide 3D Frame: Scroll right to apply the 3D video frame effect.
  • 3D Glass: This tool can also apply the 3D glass effect.
  • A new Feature to choose the aspect ratio of your video. There are lots of social media aspect ratios to select.
  • A new Feature in this is to select video blur background patterns. There are lots of designs to choose from for your video background.

Once You have done, click the Save button. The file will be saved in your desired location. You can also help us share our application with your friends and your known.